Monday, June 6, 2011

Hamas: Support of protests the way to liberation, return

DAMASCUS - Hamas has lauded popular protests led by the Palestinians at home and abroad to rise up against the Israeli occupation on the 44th Naksa Day when Israeli forces occupied the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The group said that the movements were an important step toward restoring the refugees' right of return as well as other basic Palestinian rights.
It said that ”support of the popular and resistance events is the way to liberation, return, and defeat of the occupation.”

”All these years and Palestinian generations have not forgotten their cause, despite all the attempts to obliterate it; and they have not lost Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque despite Judaization and demolition schemes,” Hamas said in a statement on Sunday.
Hamas refused to relinquish national rights as Israel shows ”intransigence”, and called for a ”radical review” of the way to deal with the occupation state and a new strategy based on resistance, which works to ”protect national constants and defend national rights”.

At the same time, Hamas emphasized its commitment to the Palestinians and their determination to protect Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque and defend them against the ”daily onslaught” of Judaization, settlement construction, demolition, and holy site conversions. The group went further to say that it is the ”religious, national, and humanitarian duty of all states, governments, peoples, and organizations” to take on the same role.

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